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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 26, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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a hawaii vacation takes a dramatic turn when a bay area teenager is attacked by a shark. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a teenager from livermore is recovering tonight after a shark attack in maui. it happened this morning off a busy beach in lahaina. heather holmes is here now and you talked to the family about what happened, heather. >> i did frank and julie and this was the first day of the family's 10 day vacation.
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and it's already one they won't forget. the teen is recovering tonight after that shark took a bite from her leg. beautiful beach in maui attracting people from all over the world, this morning a livermore father and three daughters took to the beach when something happened. >> my husband felt something at his back. and then all of them started screaming and running out of the water. she said something bit me , and i looked at her leg and she had a big gash. >> reporter: the first responders treated her wound before the mother took her to the hospital. >> they want to leave the wound open for several days and then stitch it up. the main concern now is infection so they want to keep
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it clean and let it heal. >> reporter: st. claire says she was told it was a black tip shark. the beach was closed and warning signs posted. visitors had told officials they had seen a shark swimming in the area just yesterday. >> i was washing off some of the sand and i turned around and i saw just a dorsal fin then my mom yelled shark so i sprinted up the beach. and like really fast. as fast as i could. >> reporter: officials say they will reassess the situation tomorrow to determine if they should reopen that beach. st.claire will remain the remainder of her vacation on lam. the rest of the family may just stick to the swimming pool. reporting live tonight , heather holmes. investigators say it
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appears a man fell off pier 30- 32 about 11:00 p.m. last night as his friend was waiting for him in their car. fire boats along with coast guard choppers all searched the water last night and again tonight but didn't find anything. the man is identified as a 27- year-old from woodland in yolo county. a $5,000 reward is being offered in connection with a search for the man responsible for a sexual assault near lake merit. a woman says she went into a public restroom on bellview avenue at lake view park around 8:45 on june 2nd. >> we're asking individuals to be mindful of their own safety and the safety of others. if you can try to walk in groups or with someone else. if you are alone, try to preprogram your cell phone if you're carrying one to a designated number. obviously you can put in 911. >> police describe the attacker as african american between 30
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and 39 years old. he had dread locks with brown tips and a tattoo on the left side of his neck. the victim says he spoke with a jamaican accent. new at 10:00, we've learned special understood cover deputies are keeping an extra eye on the alameda county fair. so far more than 150,000 visitors have already walked through the gates there and they're joined by deputies who are on the look out to protect kids. eric rasmussen live at the fair tonight to explain why authorities say all of this is paying off. eric-- >> reporter: frank you know since the fair opened last wednesday they say there have only been five arrests, most of those we're told were alcohol related. the large police presence out here also includes undercover officers who are looking for a number of things including sex offenders. >> reporter: we mounted a camera on this deputy's bike to show you what he sees as a weaves through a big tuesday crowd at the alameda fair. among the thousands of people
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-- >> how about two guys. >> reporter: law enforcement in uniform also has help from undercover officers including the safe task force. >> we absolutely have people that are outlooking for people that target kids. >> reporter: tim godfrey has her hands full and is grateful for all the extra eyes in the crowd. >> that's a beautiful thing, with all that's going on today, that's a wonderful thing. >> reporter: it's all if more reason to have the extra enforcement. >> the word gets out, and the word gets out amongst that group that don't go out to the alameda fair because they're looking for you. >> we have seen a lot of security patrolling around and i feel comfortable. >> reporter: organizers of the fair say that's the goal. >> we want to make sure that parents feel they can drop off their kids. that there's a good presence at the fair on-site. >> reporter: and back out here live we're told some of those working undercover even walked
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right past us as we were doing our interviews tonight. for security reasons the sheriff's office will not tell how many officers they have out here at one time. the deadline is tomorrow for governor brown to sign the state budget. the state legislature is expected to vote on the 21 final budget bills called trailer bills in the morning so the governor can sign them by the deadline. there was one budget related surprise. democrats planned a change in the ballot so the governor's initiative appears at the top. tonight at 10:30, a northern california city poised to declare bankruptcy. home prices rose for the third straight month in most big u.s. cities. standard and poors showed increases in 19 of the 20 cities it tracked. the average increase was 1.3% but san francisco posted the biggest increase at 3.4%. analysts say the numbers released today are more evidence that the housing
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market is slowly beginning to improve. the positive news about u.s. home prices helped fuel a modest rally on wall street today. the dow jones finished up 32 points closing at 12,534 the nasdaq composite ended up almost 18 closing at 2,854. an alameda county superior court judge ruled today the university of california must release the names of all of the police officers involved in a highly publicized pepper spraying incident at a uc davis student rally. the uc davis department wanted the names to be kept secret. police in the quiet community of orinda are investigate ago homicide tonight the first one in almost 10 years. officers were called to a home in moraga way and found a woman's body on the kitchen floor. jana katsuyama tells us a man
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living with the woman is now behind bars. >> reporter: it was 12:18 this afternoon when orinda police got the call. police say the suspect left his house on moraga way and went to an elderly neighbor's home. they found a 52-year-old woman dead on the kitchen floor. police say the suspect a 62- year-old man was there and turned himself in. >> we're pretty confident it's a murder. we're also confident we have the suspect. >> reporter: crime tape and homicide investigators are an unusual sight in this city which hasn't had a homicide since 2002. it appears this was a domestic dispute. the victim and suspect had been living together for 10 years. >> we recovered the weapon near the neighbor's home a couple of doors down. >> reporter: people in the area were surprised to hear about the man's arrest. >> i know him because i talk to him walking by here almost every day. i take my walk. >> reporter: this is definitely
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a case of they knew each other. they've been together for a period of time and this tragedy, they had a fight and it ended like this. >> reporter: the suspect is cooperating with them tonight. the police chief tells me that his officers had been called to this house in the past. in orinda, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. a man is hospitalized after a shooting that happened in broad daylight on the street in the san francisco district. it happened this afternoon, police say two men approached the victim, one them pulled out a gun and shot him. the man was wounded in both the upper and lower parts of his body. he was taken to san francisco general hospital where we have no word on his condition. the gang task force is now handling the investigation. the city of san francisco honored matt cain tonight for his perfect game two weeks ago. mayor ed lee presented cain with a key to the city and
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another special honor for pitching perfection on june 13th. >> on behalf of the city, declare june 13th every year as matt cain day. >> the president of the baseball hall of fame took some of the items of that perfect game to be put on display in coopers town. they include cain's hat and shoes along with first base since no player from the houston astros made it there. and coming up a little bit later on in sports, the highlight of tonight's giant's game against the los angeles dodgers. only on two, the information an officer is accused of leaking. temperatures did warm today they're going to warm further as we head into your wednesday. i'll tell you how warm it's going to be into your neighborhood. a hacker claims to have stolen the social security numbers of 10,000 students. here at san jose state we'll tell you why the university says there's no problem here.
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a hacker claims he stole private information from a san jose state information server. patti lee is live with officials denying those claims but are not disputing them either. >> reporter: a twitter blast is how san jose state officials
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found out about this breech. >> as of right now, no. no indication at all. >> reporter: this san jose student cannot believe that a school server was hacked extensively and the school found out about it on twitter. >> i'm kind of unnerved about it i thought maybe we have would have received some sort of notification about it. >> reporter: a hacker called singularity bragged about breaking into a san jose state server and taking among other things 10,000 social security numbers. >> san jose state is still trying to match what was claimed to what we have in the data base. >> reporter: officials contain the 10 digit numbers were not social security numbers but student i.d. numbers and that the server did not contain important information. >> there's no need to notify the students yet again because that process is triggered by a breech of materials like social
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security numbers. >> reporter: but a security company says they accessed 22,130 e-mail addresses. >> probably has incredible capabilities to get that information but it's useless if you don't have certain other information with it. >> reporter: this computer engineering student was not worried about the breach but this expert has a different idea. >> all of that stuff isn't always public, knowing that can put a person to things that are private at risk. >> reporter: san jose state should have told students about the breech because in this day and age it's just better to error on the side of caution. reporting live in san jose, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the fbi announced the -- the two year operation is being called the largest effort ever on computer crooks who steal
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credit card numbers and other information. the sting protected more than 400,000 potential victims and preempted losses of more than $200 million. tonight at 10:30, new evidence that not everyone gets the same result when searching for hotels on a travel website. why some users see priceyer properties. and a house fire claimed the life of a 30-year-old man. brandon crawford and another man was staying in a foreclosed home on kingsland avenue in the city's maxwell park neighborhood when that fire started at about 4:30 this morning. crawford was taken to the hospital but later died. another man who was also found unconscious in the burning house remains in critical condition tonight. authorities still have not released his name but he's believed to be in his late 40s or early 50s. new information tonight on a story we first brought you last night as it was breaking here on the 10:00 news. contra costa county sheriff deputies say a parolee was
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arrested yesterday on michelle drive on suspicion on kidnapping an torturing his girlfriend. curtis mahaffe was on parol and is being held without bail. no word tonight on the condition of his girlfriend. an alameda county sheriff's deputy is being accused of illegally obtaining personal information about a bay area man who's right in the middle of a child custody dispute. only on 2, rob roth telling us where that information ended up. >> reporter: bryan lancaster is in a legal battle with his ex- wife for custody of their two boys. according to documents, the officer searched in two data bases. lancaster says he is one of those people and the information about him ended up in the hands of his ex-wife. >> totally improper, total abuse of authority. >> reporter: wilcox remains his
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innocence. he's charged with three counts. court records say in one incident the information from the data bases were e-mailed to wilcox's girlfriend, regina, an attorney. regina also faces a misdemeanor charge for disclosing confidential information. in an e-mail we obtained a person calling themselves confidential one tells regina quote you didn't get this from me this is all confidential info. >> they knew they were breaking the law, and that the information was supposed to be can -- to be kept confidential. >> you can't on your own accord run people and furnish that to somebody else. >> reporter: but the custody case has another strange twist. the pleasanton police department tells us it's investigating one of its officers. lancaster's attorney says the officer had arrested lancaster for drug possession and sent the arrest report directly to
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his ex-wife. lancaster claims he was set up. two officers accused of helping the same person. >> they may have been working in tandem, when you connect those dots. >> reporter: or it could be a weird coincidence. >> could be a weird coincidence. >> reporter: in alameda county, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco district attorney's office is still deciding whether to file charges against larry brinken who's a veteran gay rights advocate. brinkin was arrested on child pornography charges and is currently out on bail. brinkin worked for the san francisco human rights commission before retiring two years ago. the popular show myth busters will be allowed to return to the alameda center despite last year's mishap.
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when a cannon ball experiment went terribly wrong. the cannon ball also smashed into a mini van, no one was hurt. today the sheriff's office announced the show can return but will not be allowed to do any more cannon ball experiments. we are going to move on for a minute because we had a bad mic. we're going to get bill all fixed up. in the meantime we want to tell you about a loss in hollywood. hollywood is mourning the loss of writer and film maker who was a genius for making people laugh. nora ephron died today. ephron's son says his mother died after a battle with leukemia. she used her break up with carl
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bernstine in her best selling model. and is known for when harry met sally, and you got mail. nora ephren was 71 years old. a judge's ruling in a priest beating case and the dramatic moments it prompted outside a court today. but up first, hot, dry air fans fierce flames the thousands forced from their homes as a wildfire grows by the minute.
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temperatures today were warmer than they were yesterday by a few degrees. highs tomorrow they're coming up again as we go into your wednesday afternoon. we start off pretty nice, there's note a lot of fog, no fog at the coast. the computer model had some fog tomorrow morning but then it took it away so looks like tomorrow is going to be starting off clear at the coastal sections. during the day plenty of sunshine, plenty of warming,
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oranges are 80s we're going to see a lot more 80s tomorrow. low and mid- and upper 80s as we go into the next 48 hours. and a warming trend i'll be back here 10:45, we'll look at your forecast. five day forecast that will lead into some cooling i'll see you back here. want to take you to colorado now where the waldo fire exploded today. more homes went up in flames in colorado springs. bringing the total now to more than 250. and 32,000 people have been evacuated. firefighters aren't getting any help from the weather, temperatures hit a record 101 degrees today. 600 firefighters are battling the flames so far the fire has burned more than 5,000 acres and is only 5% contained. new at 10:00, pg & e says the cause of the san bruno national pipeline explosion can be traced back to 1956. you recall that explosion back in 2010 killed eight people, critically injured many others and destroyed 38 homes. state regulators have said that the company never did a
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pressure test on that pipeline but pg & e now says a former employee recalls during such a test back in 1956. and pg & e says that test could have triggered the failure of a defective weld more than 50 years later. more dramatic moments today in the case of william lynch. he's the man accused of beating a former priest who lynch says molested him years ago. robert handa tells us why lynch's attorney was furious today outside the courtroom. >> reporter: will lynch may win his legal battle but not the victory he really wants. lynch claimed he was raped by lidner in 1975 and wanted that to be the focus of the trial. so lynch's attorney pat harris got mad when the former priest invoked the fifth amendment and then exploded when the judge announced the trial will
10:25 pm
continue with no former testimony from lidner. >> there's a man out there in los gatos that's a rapest and is allowed to go free. >> reporter: some witnesses including lidner's niece can't take the stand. >> i can't say that he's a child molester because i'm a victim myself, my brothers, my sisters, cousins, a bunch of other kids. >> reporter: the judge told the jury this morning it must now disregard the testimony of lidner including his account of the alleged abuse of lynch. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu
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channel 2 news. realle hunter announced today he and former presidential candidate john edwards are no longer a couple. hunter had a child with edwards while he was still married and running for the white house. she did not explain why they split. hunter is currently making the rounds on talk shows to promote her new book called what really happened. john edwards our daughter and me. democratic candidate norman solomon conceded to roberts. the number of ballots left to be counted making it very unlikely that he would win. so roberts will now face democratic assemblyman jared huffman in the november election. free hiv tests at a bay area pharmacy. >> plus we are monitoring a late night meeting on the future of stockton. will it become the nation's biggest city to declare bankruptcy. >> listen in as a bay area
10:27 pm
choir tunes up for the trip of a lifetime. what makes these singers different?
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50 young singers from around the bay area are headed to the olympics. debra villalon has the story on what making this choir so distinctive. >> reporter: hear choir and you might picture a somber group, dark mood. but in this group that's not the case. it's a choir that moves.
10:30 pm
there are solos but no auditions. any child can join. they'll learn songs from africa. songs from japan, music from all over the world. the choir is about harmony. >> we have over 35 cultures in this group and i want each child to embrace each other's culture. >> reporter: soon they'll perform their gala tunes in ireland. as part of a 10 day trip next month highlighted by the olympics. tonight they learned they'll be positioned at a prominent part of the torch relay in london. >> it's the olympics so it's a big deal.
10:31 pm
>> ♪ >> reporter: long time members say when they travel, music always spills from the concerts to the streets. >> we just start singing songs and people will come up, they will perform with us, they might teach us another song or another dance. >> our whole thing is about uniting the world with children's voices. >> reporter: the nonprofit borina quiet charges $700 annual tuition with a new session starting this fall. we're live in benicia, ktvu news. we have posted more information on the group's trip to the olympics. there's word tonight that
10:32 pm
8,000 of the 9,000 jobs promised by hp will be here in the united states. there's word that the founder of best buy may try to take the company private. richard sholsey has a 20% stake in the count that he founded. best buy's stock rose with the news. yahoo is getting rid of its music service and replacing it with a swedish service called spotify. the change is expected to start tomorrow. rapsody has been part of yahoo since 2008. dolby laboratory says it plans to buy a building on market street for $110 million. that's not far from the new twitter headquarters at ninth and market street. dolby will consolidate most of its three san francisco offices
10:33 pm
at this new headquarters. tonight in stockton the city council appears ready to make a historic decision. that city is facing an anticipated $20 million budget deficit and could soon become the largest u.s. city to file for bankruptcy protection. malory hall reports. >> this is an important meeting in the history of stockton, a lot of things will be decided tonight reported on tonight. >> reporter: as residents pack city hall, council members are considered a plan that will drive the city through chapter nine bankruptcy. the city manager may file as early as tuesday morning. >> we appointed you and we put our faith on you, the world is watching thank god so they can see we're victim of a society that's failing us. >> reporter: dozens took the
10:34 pm
podium to object the stance. retired city employees talked about how they will be affected. >> because i was not physically able to work for the city of stockton for over 10 years in your eyes i'm undeserving of medical. or even a stipend. >> reporter: the city is facing a $15 million budget shortfall. the centers for disease control announced a new pilot program today offering free anonymous hiv testing. the tests will be offered at just seven community pharmacies nationwide including one here in the bay area. mike's pharmacy on international boulevard in oakland is taking part in the program. it's expected to start this summer and it involves a quick hiv test. participates will get their cheek swabbed and results will follow in about 20 minutes. if the test is positive the patient is referred to treatment then counseling.
10:35 pm
aids activists say this type of program can reach people who may not want to get tested by their own medical providers. >> because many times people have family doctors that they are being seen by other kinds of health care providers that they are not necessarily comfortable disclosing their sexual behaviors to particularly young gay and bisexual men. >> reporter: the cdc estimates 1.1 million people in the u.s. are hiv positive or living with aids. but one in five of those people doesn't know about the infection. when you're shopping online for a trip turns out you could be paying more if you're an apple user compared to if you're a pc user. the online travel site orbitz shows mac users different and sometimes costlier travel options. those options could cost 30 to 40% more depending on the
10:36 pm
hotel. orbitz says it is experimenting with different options and finds that apple users are willing to spend more than pc users. dozens of people are buried in a landslide over seas the desperate search to find them using only hand tools. and back here in just 10 minutes i have your wednesday forecast and it's going to be warmer. i'll show you which city is going to be the warmest. the makers of farmville and words with friends unveil a new generation of games. why they're not promoting them on facebook. so... [ gasps ]
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a big rig and nearly 20 cars all collided today on a freeway in the mountains north
10:39 pm
of los angeles at least 17 people were injured two of them critically. more than a half dozen cars, pickup truck and suvs all slammed right into each other. that rout is known as the an antelope valley freeway -- the antelope valley freeway. nearly 5 million drivers may hit the road for the july 4th holiday. more than half a million californians will be flying while slightly less will go by boat, or plane. caltrain is increasing fares 25-cents for one way ticket or 50-cents for day passes. san francisco base game zynga unveiled new products
10:40 pm
along the new games are farmville two, chefville and the ville. zynga has used facebook to boost its games but is now trying to raise revenue by using its own website. >> you have people who don't want to be on facebook and by having a platform you have other developers who can get a game discovered because zynga can deliver 10 million or 30 million people. >> each month 290 million people play zynga game such as words with friends and farmville. in news of the world tonight in uganda, rescue workers had to use hand tools to search for people missing in landslide before heavy equipment arrived. at least 100 are believed to be buryed in a number of villages. in syria, president assad said his country is in a
10:41 pm
genuine state of war. previously he has described the violence as an uprising by terrorists carrying out a foreign agenda. fighting has now broken out closer to the capital of damascus. turkey is now warning syria to keep their forces inside their borders or risk an armed response. syria shot down a turkish band. say goodbye to big ben and hello to elizabeth tower. officially big ben is called the clock tower and big ben is the name of the giant bell that chimes the hours. recent poll found most people in britain don't like the name change. for the first time ever the defense department today marked gay pride month. the pentagon hosted a panel discussion for gay, lesbian and
10:42 pm
transgender troops. under that policy gay service members were fired from the military if they disclosed their sexual orientation. a pay raise for by area nurses. >> plus -- >> reporter: these police officers are learning something they had never learned before, how to save their partner's life in the line of duty. >> bill martin is working on his five day forecast, he's back with what we can expect in the coming days.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
police officers put their life on the line every day and rely on their partners to help keep them safe. rita williams takes us inside a rare training session geared toward the four legged force. >> reporter: police came to oakland today to learn how to save their partners life. >> i need to protect him just like he protects me.
10:45 pm
i owe it to him. >> reporter: this is his partner alex a 3-year-old german shepherd. >> if your dog is supposed to stop then we'll need to start cpr. >> reporter: thanks to the nonprofit police canine foundation, the officers practice cpr, first aid. >> what you would want to do is reach your hands, put your fists right below where their ribs come together and thrust forward. >> i need to be at least the first responder for him. >> reporter: the foundation gives the officers, rather that are dogs bullet-proof vests. even heat sensors for their cars. >> it shows 104 inside. the windows have rolled down, the fan kicked in automatically and your dog is going to die if you don't get to him within five to 10 minutes. >> reporter: that could save the life of pyro and all the
10:46 pm
other police dogs protecting and serving. as they left the canines seemed to fend they were safer. at any pet food express store this weekend you can clean your pooch and 100% of what you pay will go to the police canine foundation. in alameda, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. hospitals and clinics are the only labor group in the county to see wage hikes rather than cuts. the board of supervisors approved the labor contract today. nurses will receive pay raises of 3%, 1.5% increases will come on july 1st of this year and the next. the added $747,000 in labor costs will come from cuts made elsewhere in the health services agency. about 100 recent high school graduates piled to galileo high school to take part in what is being called the bridge to success program. it's an event designed to help
10:47 pm
local students by offering early registration. that helps the students get the classes they need to graduate from city college. >> it means a lot to me because i'm the first generation going to college. >> this was just one of several registration parties held throughout the bay area tonight. a mandatory evacuation is in order in pasco florida. one river is already 6 feet above flood stage. elsewhere in the state debby has forced thousands more evacuations and has claimed at least one life. forecasters are also predicting another four to 8-inches of rain could hit northern florida as debby makes its way toward the atlantic. we have fog free conditions outside at the coast that is unusual for this time of year. typically you have fog lingering. but the last few days have been relatively light on the fog. we go outside and we show you that the winds are blowing west at about 23 miles per hour. so we've got a good west wind
10:48 pm
but it's just not happening with the fog. the inversion is not there and you're going to see plenty of sunshine along the coast and the next couple of days. there's doing to be a little bit of patchy -- there's going to be a little bit of patchy fog. as we head into tomorrow warmer, the next day thursday, warmer still by a few degrees and temperatures will start to dive down for the weekened so it really does not wind up. you have stuff going up in washington and oregon that's enough to break up the inversion, allow the on shore flow to head inland. part of the newscast we didn't talk about fires tonight. we're not talking about bad air quality and we won't the whole week if all goes well. the forecast through the microclimates for your wednesday. lots of 70s out toward berkeley, out toward lafayette
10:49 pm
now you're hitting 80. i would expect 90s out here near walnut creek. if you get to the far east side of the bay area into our bay area valleys you're going to get upper 80s. then there's going to be 90s as we head into thursday. 5degrees warmer for most of us and temperatures mostly in the 70s, upper 70s and low and mid- 80s. this low pressure center, the one that i pointed to right now is bumping north so we're warming and it's going to to bumping south and we're going to warm a little bit. the forecast highs for tomorrow, fairfield 85 degrees. 84 in san helena. as i mentioned it's kind of good news if you're with calfire or worried about fires or air quality. because this is a pretty good pattern for us. it is summer, it is dry, not going to rain for a while and so you do worry about fires but the conditions are most helpful to firefighters. 69 in san francisco, that's a little warmer than it was
10:50 pm
today. san bruno 79 degrees. so it's warmer tomorrow, it's warmer on thursday and temperatures start to slip back down. changes are subtle, it's really, really nice. we've had your summers with extreme swings. fire danger, bad air quality. this has been a summer that's flat lining. >> and the views. >> they're looking good. >> really is. thanks bill. new federal statistics show the number of homeless children has surpassed the record of 1 billion. in 2009 and 2010 was 13% higher than the year before. in california nearly 1/4 of a million children were homeless in the years covered by the study. nearly two dozen adoptable chihuahuas are winging their way to canada thanks to bay area volunteers. the group wings of rescues are made up of pilots who use their own planes to fly rescued animals all across the country. 22 dogs just left and are bound to washington state.
10:51 pm
from there they are bound to sidney british columbia where they will be fostered until they find permanent homes. in an effort to push people away from those plastic water bottles. currently there are several so called drink tap stations in san francisco. but supervisor david chu's proposal would require building owners and developers to install the filling stations if drinking fountains are required. could the giants do it again to the los angeles dodgers? we'll tell you some of the groups just named today the treasure island music festival. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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okay so the line up is all set today now for the treasure island music festival. this year the music festival will be held october 13th and 14th. there will be two stages for the variety of bands ranging from electronic dance act to indy rock. tickets are said to go on sale tomorrow. here are some of the headliners that were announced today. public enemy, girl talk, the coup, gossip along with 20 others. we've posted the entire line up on just look for the hot topics tab. and this time tomorrow we
10:55 pm
could be talking first place giants before last season started, this guy was an afterthought. now the only thought is where would the giants be without ryan vogelsan outdoing kershaw. giants back to back shut outs in san francisco against the dodgers, first time since 1987. vogelsan looking good. 7innings, no runs, in winning the seven he did have health. arias to prevent an l.a. run in the first. fourth inning, milky cabrera reaches out, catches a curb, drives it over. and yeah the milk shake is on at at&t. are they having fun or what? the inning continues the fourth. base hit to right, angel pagan good idea angel. he scores and it's 2-0. that's all the scoring for the day. the giants will be one game
10:56 pm
back and the dodgers have lost seven out of eight. maddening in a word, the a's who seem to play games decided by one run every night and when it goes way it did this evening in seattle, maddening is the word. cespedes is giving as many homers in the american league. the bull penn for seattle gives it up and the person of johnny gomes the pride of casa grande high. 2-2 but in the eighth, here's where it is. 182 just over the glove of jamile weeks and it turns out as the game deciding run 3-2. college football fans knew this day was coming for years it just took the power to be a little longer to figure out how much money they could make with a play offseason deciding a
10:57 pm
national champ. today a 12 year deal announced featuring a 14 year play off starts in 2014, the two semi final games will be played new year's eve and new year's day. the title game will be played of course at the site of the highest bidder. a little pool time as qualifying continues for the americans. dana merger of cal back in 2004 she won gold in athens as a 16- year-old. illness knock her completely out of the games in 2008. out front to win the 100 butterfly tonight, she is in. that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. giants and dodgers tomorrow afternoon. lin sue -- lincecum on the mound. >> thank you for joining ktv channel 2 news. we'll see you next time news
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breaks. >> and we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu.
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